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Small-Scale Civil

Small-Scale Civil

Gedoun Constructions offers a one stop shop to all of our commercial clients and corporate partners.

Often there is a scope of small scale civil works that needs to be attended to whilst completing construction and general building works. We understand the need to have the one contractor complete multiple scopes for our clientele. In an effort to satisfy this need, we project manage the associated scopes that complement the building scopes of work as well as complete the relevant items in house.

Small scale civil works include:

  • Concrete Roads and Carparks;
  • Bitumen Roads and Carparks;
  • Concrete or Masonry Retaining Walls;
  • Concrete Pathways and Footbridges;
  • Gabion Walls and Hardscapes;
  • Subdivision Entry Statements and General Fencing;
  • Intersections and Roundabouts;
  • Culverts and Bridges;
  • Lighting Towers and Sign Towers;
  • Children’s Playground Equipment and Fall Protection;
  • Bollards, Bus Stop Shelters, Speed Bumps, Line Marking, Disabled Ramps etc.

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