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Gedoun Constructions is a market leader in multi-residential home units.

Clever design and a good understanding of the markets and the demographics, ensure our advice to potential property developers is on point and is relevant to their feasibility.

Multi-level boutique and Multi-Residential Developments are our forte. We offer a full design and construct service with local and southern building designers and consultants. Our experience has us as one of the leading innovators on construction systems and ground breaking developments in home and accommodation automation technologies. Our attention to detail and experienced project managers ensure the turn key product is finished with a level of diligence not often seen in Multi-Residential Construction.

Our Multi-Residential experiences include
  • Small and Large Scale Unit Developments;
  • Multi-Storey Unit Towers;
  • Retirement Homes;
  • Aged Care and Special Needs Facilities;
  • Caravan Park and Resort Bungalows;
  • University Dorm/Accommodation Construction.
 Explore Our Multi-Residential Projects

Explore Our Multi-Residential Projects

Our service to the following industries has enforced our general builder status throughout North Queensland.

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